Sunday, November 22, 2009

Boxing Delights with Miguel Cotto Tuning Up Against Joshua Clottey

I slept very late. People simply don’t just get it. And it robbed me a good night’s rest, waking up with anger still breathing inside me. I went back to bed refusing a habit’s dictate to file some work in the morning. The girlfriend called up. Moments later I fixed a black-no-sugar coffee, read some pages of Jonathan Franzen’s The Correction without understanding anything, and went out for a walk.

When I get back I put on the TV and the Cotto fight is on. He’ll fight against Joshua Clottey. Clottey comes in first dancing his Ghana war dance.

And so comes Miguel Cotto.

The first round immediately tells us that Clottey is not Margarito. And before the round ends Clottey realizes why Cotto should have won that fight against the Chin Myth Margarito, who is now by the way serving his time outside from the boxing world for cheating in his fight against Shane Mosley. But that’s another story.

Second round, Clottey has landed some decent jabs and upper-cuts, telling us why he earns a fight against Cotto.

Third round, Clottey decides on a naughty move cutting Cotto with a mischievous head-butt.
Cotto is bleeding and looks fiercer, ready to eat a good serving of Ghana’s lions and other wildcats.

The fourth round is a real skirmish – the most interesting so far in the fight. The camera focuses on the Cotto’s cut after the bell and it was deeper cut than I expected. I could put a whole finger in it and there’s still room for a Mongol pencil.

The fifth round. Cotto also shows that he is capable of badasstry better than Clottey. And that capability has left Clottey on the floor acting like a baby crying for all the miseries in the world, especially his own miseries in his world.

Sixth round is a combination of badass moves and smartness of both fighters. I started to have some respect on Clottey’s toughness too. Cotto hammers him with punches that could normally send anyone to a long dreamless sleep. Yet Clottey perseveres. Cotto adds some more combinations, stopping only to wipe the blood from his face.

The seventh round is Clottey’s. And so is the eighth round. Cotto is banking on time.

In the Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, and the last round, nothing special is happening. The fight ends in a split decision with Cotto still retains his World Championship belt.

What else can I say, Cotto should fight Pacquiao. And Joshua Clottey too deserves a rematch.

Not Cotto..'

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