Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lopez Wins; And Gamboa Is A New Star!

So I am back to blogging boxing. It’s Gamboa Vs Mtagwa. And, man, I want to tell you, I’ve now a new favorite boxer in Yuriorkis Gamboa, a very talented, fast, and powerful Cuban pugilist. You should admire him the first time you see him showing his skills of sweet-science in the ring. I am all admiration, no, awed, he’s simply awesome the first round of his defense fight against the veteran and tough Tanzanian. From now on, I’ll be looking forward for all his future fights.

The first round. Yuriorkis Gamboa seems to want to enjoy the sweetness of his handiwork as power punches hammered Mtagwa, but the Cuban apparently don’t want the fight to end first round too early.

The second round is one sweetest moment in boxing. It was a massacre! But one should credit Mtagwa for his toughness as he tried to handle the blowing bombs landing on his chin and body. Here comes Yuriorkis Gamboa (17-0, 15 KOs) - a new star of boxing!


The main event features Steven Luevano against Juan Manuel Lopez. I’d once said before that Luevano will not be a champion for a long time. He’s almost outclassed by a pinoy fighter, Bernabe Conception, who was disqualified for knocking out Luevano at the wrong time, split seconds after the bell. Now, here’s Luevano again fighting JM Lopez, an undefeated star of Puerto Rico.

The first round up to the fifth round is a typical semi-exciting fight when a boring technical boxer (Luevano) fights semi-exciting boxer (Lopez). The latter, of course, is widely ahead of my unofficial scorecard.

Sixth round, as expected, Luevano is backpedaling and try to avoid the punches of the other slugger. The said slugger, having tested the power, or lack of it, of Luevano’s puches, gains much confidence and bereft of respect of the champion attack him with relentless hooks, uppercuts, straights, and body shot. It will not be long now when we finally see the end of this fight.

Seconds into the seventh round, a nice right uppercut put the champion into senselessness.

A showdown between Juan Manuel Lopez (28-0, 25 KOs) and Yuriorkis Gamboa will be an exciting fight to look forward to in the coming months. Arum should make that fight happen!

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