Sunday, February 14, 2010

One Notch Power in Pinoy, One Less Fury in Latinos

In the main event of Pinoy Power 3 / Latin Fury13, the Filipino Flash, Nonito Donaire was fed with his regular fix of Mexican potluck in Manuel Vargas (26-4-1), a late substitute. Nonito gobbled up his food in less than 7 minutes.

In the co-featured bout of the card, Bernabe Conception (30-2 ) fought against Mario Santiago (21-2) of Puerto Rico.

The Filipino pugilist looked good in the first round, landing few heavy punches to the head of the taller Puerto Rican. Both fighters warmed up in the second and third. The fourth had Santiago backpedaling. Conception seemed better in his footwork and a little busier in his offense than the last time I saw him against Luevano.

The Filipino floored Santiago in the sixth, but did not able to put up a significant follow-up offensive in the remaining minutes as well as the whole 7th round. He’s back again to his old bad habit. If he does nothing in the following rounds, he’ll stupidly lose this another bout of his career. Conception was apparently not an intelligent fighter, but good enough to win this bout. For now.

The next feature bout was a special favorite. Jerry Penalosa (54-9-2, 36 KOs) fought against Eric Morel (43-2)

The 1st and 2nd rounds showed Morrel with his repertoire of footwork and combinations of punches. Jerry was in his usual specialty of blocking punches that could demoralize opponents, and throwing counter-punches of his own that staggered Eric. The third was a start of a possible making of a classic.

One couldn't but also admired the slick movement of Morel. With naughtiness to boot as he held on and head-butted Jerry and succeeded to open cuts on his face, and also succeeded to make Penalosa looked tougher.

The later rounds were a classic showing of vintage fearless Jerry. This time Morel was riding a bicycle that only moved backwards as Jerry continued his relentless attack. If only he had a braver opponent. Jerry, of course, lost his fight in a dubious split decision.

Next bout after that was fucking shameful. Montiel licked Ciso Morales in the first round.. puking… puking.. s**t!

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