Monday, May 3, 2010

Mayweather Vs Mosley Fight In 250 Words

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. demonstrated what he said about himself as the God-gifted boxer, and that Shane Mosley is merely talented. But if only God just allowed it that Mayweather just fall down on the canvas after he took a hard hit to his face, even if Mosley still lost in a decision, it would have been a strong evidence that God really exists and that He takes the side of the just, and not the vain, after millions of boxing fans storming His Heaven with prayers for Mayweather to fall down on his ass, and like most prayers that matter the most, God would just don’t want to do anything with it, and let Mayweather stood on his feet, a strong point that Money may indeed a God-gifted shit.

Shane Mosley, on the other hand, is a picture of class after defeat. You cannot but admire his corner too especially his trainer Naazim Richardson. It was around 10th or 11th round when Nazzim reminded Mosley of how a great fighter he is and that knocking out naughty boys is what he does best. He made Mosley repeat, too, the words: I want to come back and knock this kid out because that’s what I do best, also because I hate this kid! He still lost the fight anyway. He thanked Floyd for the opportunity, said he will review the fight at home and see for himself what went wrong. Mosley is now 38.