Sunday, November 22, 2009

Real Filipino Master Boxing Tactician

[Published originally on 4/26/09]

Right. The Philippines almost has it all. We’ve several worldly acknowledged most corrupt and greediest political leaders in the world. We’ve awesomely invented the Halo-Halo (top that Chip Chewrping Tsao). Manny Pacquiao is the world’s number one pound for pound for 281 weeks now. And then there’s our ole man, the real master tactician in the country, no, the entire planet earth, the universe! on par only with Shane Mosley, Bernard Hopkins, and Juan Manuel Marquez – Jerry’s fellow boxing specialists, that any sane sluggers in boxing are trying to avoid, maybe for some more years when credible reports are heard that the master has finally succumbed to old age, Alzheimer’s disease or something.

Look at your master and weep!

First round. Both boxers took their time to measure each other up. But each one sensed an inevitable feeling of danger that any second may end the brawl.

Second round. It was said that, as part of his training and diet, Penalosa snacks on leather. I mean that innocent usually red vicious fist shaped leathers. That’s for immunity and strength. This round Penalosa has his tasting of Puerto Rican leather. He didn’t like it.

I am Glove, c'mon and taste me. I am fun!

Third and fourth rounds. Lopez tried to show his genius as a promising sweetscience swinger, landing several decent crosses, jobs and straights. The shouting Puerto Rico crowd was urging him. The Penalosa drilled him.

Fifth round. They were having a phone booth discussion – an exchange of body shots, upper-cut, one-two combinations. Lopez heaved after unleashing what he knew of this kind of communication. The Penalosa provided respectful replies.

Sixth and seventh rounds. Lopez started to realize what he’s got into. When the bell rung, he shook his head in utter disbelief and a feeling of drowsiness has started to creep in his entire boxed being.

Eight round. Lopez tried another unleashing.

Ninth round. And another unleashing.

Supposedly the tenth round. But Roach stopped the fight. I was repelled. With a boundless passion. Of course, the Roach knows something unlike others. But there’s also that kind of knowing he may possibly missed to comprehend.

My opinion of the Philippines’ master tactician remains untainted. I certainly would like to take my hat off for Jerry Penalosa if only I could find that damn hat.

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