Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Fast and The Furious

[Published originally 4/20/09]

This is Nonito Donaire’s and Brian Viloria’s World Championship Fights.

The featured fight before the main event is a bout between Ulises Solis (28-1-2) and Brian Viloria (24-2-2) for the IBF Light Flyweight Championship. The champion is Solis. Viloria is the challenger.

Fierce in the first round, everybody knows Viloria is back and marks are felt on Solis. I give the first round to Viloria.

The second round convinces everyone present in the arena and millions watching in free television that this is not just one of those fad fights but a making of a boxing that worth many talks long it has ended. Now I strongly realize how a fight would evolved into something special, something that would mock time. Viloria said to have lack the desire. He said he had once reach the pinnacle of his career and then fall down and reach the bottom. Now he’s back. I give it a draw.

I only saw that kind of stance and movements in fighting brutes. One may recall that time you saw a cockfight. No one give in an inch except the force of the punches received. Both boxers surely deserve commendation in their courage. The third round is Solis by short points.

Once the ring tolled, I forgot the time and saw only the awesomeness of boxing. The fourth round is Viloria by again a close point.

Viloria opened the fifth round with a real skirmish – a lavish showing of his arsenal of power punch combinations that would have sent an average fighter to the canvass. But Solis is not an average fighter. Though he has now a long cut on his brow, he is an excellent, quite experienced slugger. His wily style saved him to fight another round. Undoubtedly Viloria.

The sixth round is Solis. He made it possible by showing his phone booth style of fighting. He made the scores, strong punches that visibly felt in the Viloria, making the fight more exciting, so exciting everybody forgot again the time and even the tolling of the bell.

The seventh round was kind of a break round with nothing noteworthy happened. I would have give it a draw but Solis was the aggressor of the round. So Solis, this is yours buddy.

The eighth round is for me the most exciting round in the fight. From the start of the round Solis slugged his way fiercely to Viloria. He put Solis at bay with his counter punches but was almost send to the floor. Solis got it.

In the the ninth round, I was rooting for Viloria to finish it. But the fighter seems tired. There were moments that Solis is wobbled by Viloria’s one-two combination. But there was no follow up from the Viloria. Thus ends the round in favor of Viloria.

In the tenth round, the respect for each other is complete. And so am I for both of them. Viloria won the round and I am greatly impressed by the strength and heart of Solis. They are both the gladiators of the classical order.

In the eleventh round the Philippines has another World Champion. THE VILORIA IS BACK! He can now dance the Hawaiian all he wants!

- - - - - - - - - - - -

The main event is Nonito Donaire (20-1) against Raul Martinez (24-0) for the IBF World Championship.

The champion is Donaire. The first round is Donaire. My brother-in-law asked me, that guy Martinez is undefeated right? I smirked and said he’s supposed to be good. Martinez wobbled to the floor twice, a third would have ended him, but he was literally saved by the bell.

By the second round, I saw the fight as a walk in the park for the Donaire. But he made it a little longer walk, taking in the view, stopping to smell the flowers along the path, and enjoying the singing of a bird.

Third round, Donaire still likes the view and plucked a flower.

In the fourth round, he killed the bird.

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