Sunday, November 22, 2009


Okay, I am not really liveblogging Judgement at the Waterfront. It happened a week ago. But I wrote notes during the fight, which I’d been looking forward to with much excitement. I have special interest to see two of our exceptional Filipino sluggers: Michael Domingo and Milan Milendo. I profiled them both for ALA Promotions several months back, and I am rooting for their success.

The first match was James Bacon versus William Jorge.

The first round was a skirmish with equal intensity from both fighters. Bacon was cut in the left brow but the better boxer was evidently Bacon. Jorge was knocked down in the first and second rounds. The fight seemed to end early with Jorge’s wobbling and kneeling on the floor. But he recovered and the referee allowed the fight to go on till one of the fighters dropped dead. The later rounds that followed had made me dozed off so I went out to buy me some booze and cigs. When I came back it was already in the last round. I did not miss anything. The winner, of course, is James Bacon by a unanimous decision.

The second bout was the fight I’d long been waiting for. And now, finally, I saw Michael “Cinderalla Man” Domingo climbing up into the ring to fight against Monico Laurente. If you’ve been watching boxing for a longer time, you may recall Domingo
as one of the fighters on that Boxing World Cup wherein he was a late substitute and handed down the Mexican fighter Miguel Roman his first loss. He gained a fan after that fight. He has developed a mean habit of battering his opponents and sending them to the floor at an early round. He stunned boxing critics with a knocked out win against Fernando Montiel and Ratanachai Sor Vorapin. He was supposed to fight last December as an undercard for Manny Pacquiao versus Oscar De La Hoya’s The Dream Match. But for some crazy reason it did not happen, which had left me wondering for months till one of the commentators of the Judgement mentioned that Domingo was disqualified for the fight for health reasons.

Well, now, our man Domingo appeared on his red emblazoned black trunks, looking as sharp and healthy as ever. The first and second rounds are lessons of sweet science that only fighters like the Domingo can share with us inside the ring. The succeeding rounds were a demonstration of superior skills, bravery and talent. But the Domingo is up to give the crowd the worth of their money, and I so much suspect, to entertain me. Domingo won the fight.

I once asked Michael Domingo of his reaction to what Freddie Roach said about him of becoming the next Filipino world champion. He smirked and said: “Mao ba?” (He thinks so?). Then he looked down and smiled.

Third match was still the undefeated Milan “Milenyo” Melindo against Mohammed Rachman.Rachman was a bloody mess in the early rounds but he’s the stronger and very experienced fighter. Yet, of course, the fast and stylish Melindo was too much for him. There is lots room for improvement though if Milendo wants to win a world title. This time he won again by a unanimous decision.

The main event was Z Gorres versus Roberto “Mako” Leyva of Mexico for the WBO Oriental Bantamweight belt (a title vacated by Michael Domingo). Leyva’s corner threw the towel in the 8th round after their fighter absorbed too much punishment from the Z.

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