Saturday, January 29, 2011

An Afternoon of Boxing

Devon Alexander is frigging boring. Don’t know what the bollocks is the problem with the shit. Yes, Devon, I am calling you a shit, and fuck you for boring my afternoon and inducing me with your boring performance to sleep on my fricking chair. A bottle of Red Horse is not even helping. Your fight with Urango that last time was pretty savvy. I am expecting it now from you. Now show me some of those flashes of brilliance and gumption. It’s only the 9nth round you frigging shit.

Well, okay, thank you Tim Bradley for providing the entertainment for us poor blokes. It’s not your fault, bud, for having a frigging shit for a dancing partner. Hope you knock out the bejesus of that Devon “the shit” Alexander. And with my fervent prayers storming the heavens, you accomplish that, you have my blessing to fight my all-time favorite fighter, Manny Pacquiao, and earn your spotlight and big payoff. You deserve it Tim especially for your gritty showing on this fight.

3 frigging minutes later…

The fight was stopped by the referee. Why? Because Devon is a boring shit and a crying baby at that. Now go back to your fricking crib you shit. And here’s a well-meaning nudge: go learn something called bravery and fighting from real fighters like David Diaz, Antonio Margarito and Miguel Cotto.

Tim won the bout. I think he should be heavily considered to fight Pacquiao for our entertainment and sanity.

Out now and draw some blood for myself.

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